To cancel or not to cancel…that was the question for the Summer 2021 exam series

As Covid-19 continued to disrupt education across the world, students, teachers – and exam boards – faced difficult decisions on how to approach the Summer 2021 exam series. Jamie Kirkaldy, Head of Teaching and Learning Support for OxfordAQA , an international exam board offering International GCSEs, AS and A-levels, explores how OxfordAQA approached this decision and […]

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What can we learn from the AQA A Level Psychology 2019 Examiner’s Reports?

Examiner’s REPORTS

The examiners were pleased that students had been well prepared for the specification, and had gained considerable knowledge. There were some concerns about the accuracy of material students are coming across online, and it’s important that we should guide them towards more reliable sources, and teach them to be critical and check facts. There were […]

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Tips for the 9-1 MFL GCSE Speaking, Reading and Writing Exams – ‘Homestraight’ Part 2

This month we’re delighted to be welcoming back David Shanks with his second post about preparing for GCSE 9-1. Have an effective and organised general approach Measuring what works in education is a notoriously tricky business with so many variables acting upon the learning process.  However, advances in the world of cognitive science and educational […]

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