Numicon transformed our school | Tilbury Pioneer Academy’s Numicon Journey


Deputy maths lead Claire Hall discusses the massive impact Numicon has made on the students and staff at Tilbury Pioneer Academy. Back in 2013 Tilbury Pioneer Academy was due to be closed as students weren’t achieving their expected grades, staff weren’t being supported and the school was deemed not worthy of KS2. However, since the implementation […]

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Greenaway Shadowing with SEN students – Joy Court talks to Caroline Fielding

SHARED PRACTICE Greenaway Shadowing with SEN students—Joy Court talks to Caroline Fielding I would like to think that Carnegie and Kate Greenaway Shadowing will always feature in a Great School Library, but do you realise how flexible the scheme can be? Here Caroline Fielding, Librarian at Charlton Park Academy—a Special Academy for students with complex, low incidence […]

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Great School Libraries Campaign

HOT TOPIC Great School Libraries Joy Court discusses the new ‘Great School Libraries’ campaign and the ways in which your library can get involved with the movement for change! “June 6th saw the launch of the plan for the ‘Great School Libraries’ campaign, which should be dear to the hearts of everyone reading this! The […]

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