A TOK class for exam month: mathematics, nature, art, technology…and peaceful contemplation of beauty

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May in the northern hemisphere.  The return of long daylight.  But also IB exams. Tired students. Tired teachers. Time to take a class into the calm and beauty of pattern, with gentle TOK reflection on the deep intersections of mathematics, nature, art and technology. This year, my favourite vehicle is the animated sculpture of John […]

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Tips for the 9-1 MFL GCSE Speaking, Reading and Writing Exams – ‘Homestraight’ Part 2

This month we’re delighted to be welcoming back David Shanks with his second post about preparing for GCSE 9-1. Have an effective and organised general approach Measuring what works in education is a notoriously tricky business with so many variables acting upon the learning process.  However, advances in the world of cognitive science and educational […]

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