Could technology help children become more engaged in reading?

Primary children reading books and a tablet in a reading corner

The National Literacy Trust’s latest study on digital reading (Children, Young People and Digital Reading by Christina Clark and Irene Picton, 2019) assesses the impact technology has on reading attainment and enjoyment. The report draws on previous studies from 2015 and 2018 and a new survey of nearly 57,000 children and young people aged 9 to 18 carried […]

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How should students evaluate historians’ arguments?

Reading the works of professional historians is one of the most rewarding ways of broadening students’ thinking about History. However, this can be a problematic undertaking! Historians will often present differing views on the same topic, leaving the reader bewildered as to what to believe. Nevertheless, thinking about seemingly differing arguments can be an enriching […]

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How does Nelson Handwriting support the new Ofsted Education Inspection Framework?

new ofstead framework

As you’re probably already aware, a new Ofsted Education Inspection Framework will come into force in England in September 2019. You can get an overview of what the new Framework means for primary schools in our  series of blog posts , where we’ve taken a closer look at the Framework, alongside the new School Inspection Handbook that Ofsted inspectors […]

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