How well do you know Rudolph? Or, how the reindeer has adapted to its extreme environment

Reindeers in natural environment, Tromso region, Northern Norway

Reindeer aren’t just good at flying through the sky on Christmas Eve – they’re also incredibly well adapted to their extreme Arctic environment. Plus, scroll down to enter our reindeer quiz competition. Reindeer coats have two layers: a thick, woolly undercoat and a top layer of hollow hairs which keep the reindeer well insulated. The hollow […]

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New to teaching Spanish Literature at A Level? Here are some suggestions:

This week we have joint guest bloggers and OUP authors Margaret Bond and Lorenzo Moya-Morallón. With a wealth of teaching experience between them, they’re providing some tips for those new to teaching literature at A Level… Select your text carefully. Avoid popular novels just because they are popular, choose ones that you’ve enjoyed yourself.  Also don’t […]

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Expert Webinar FAQs: Aaron Wilkes and Steve Day Getting to grips with KS3 Assessment

Teachers are telling us they are most concerned about getting to grips with KS3 Assessment in light of the new GCSE specifications, so you might like to watch Aaron Wilkes and Steve Day’s expert webinar on KS3 Assessment. In the webinar, Aaron and Steve share best practice about KS3 History assessment, and discuss what OUP’s […]

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Are all the AQA Psychology options equal?

Diverging pathways image

Although most schools have settled on the options they are teaching in AQA Psychology, many have had to make difficult choices; comparison of the available options seems to be a constant topic of conversation between teachers. While writing multiple choice questions for The Complete Companions for AQA Kerboodle , I noticed a few less obvious differences between the topics and hope […]

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