Inspire Maths and MyMaths case study | Winterbourne Junior Girls’ School

Lucy Durrant, Assistant Head Teacher and Maths Lead at Winterbourne Junior Girls’ School in Croydon, tells us about how she and her colleagues use Inspire Maths and MyMaths to support their maths teaching. Tell us a bit about your school. Winterbourne Junior Girls’ School is a junior school in Croydon with over 270 pupils. In 2015 Ofsted rated […]

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Five Takeaways from the AQA A Level Drama and Theatre Reports, by Annie Fox

AQA Drama Examiner reports

After the dust has settled on results day, an autumn routine should include a forensic study of the Examiners’ Reports.  Even the most successful departments will unearth areas for improvement and refinement.  From studying the 2019 AQA A Level Drama and Theatre reports, here are my top five takeaways: Avoid the trap of pre-prepared answers […]

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Why you should add more SLOP to your science lessons — and how to do it

If you have been roaming through the education blogosphere or edutwitter you will have started to notice an increase in the reference of SLOP. SLOP stands for ‘Shed Loads of Practice’. The term SLOP was coined by Adam Boxer and Ruth Walker in the early stages in the formation of CogSciSci , a group of teachers and academics interested in […]

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Could technology help children become more engaged in reading?

Primary children reading books and a tablet in a reading corner

The National Literacy Trust’s latest study on digital reading (Children, Young People and Digital Reading by Christina Clark and Irene Picton, 2019) assesses the impact technology has on reading attainment and enjoyment. The report draws on previous studies from 2015 and 2018 and a new survey of nearly 57,000 children and young people aged 9 to 18 carried […]

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