Geography by the book

Growing cities textbook pages

You’ve just invested in new resources for the 2016 GCSE and A Level specifications. Now what? Head of Geography Kate Stockings suggests some ways to get the most out of your textbooks. Nationwide, geography departments seem to be in similar positions: a pile of new textbooks (hard-fought to get!), a crazy amount of content to […]

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Thank you, Hans Rosling: numbers, facts, and the world

Theory of Knowledge banner

Hans Rosling, who passed away earlier this month, made numbers tell significant stories about the world.  A self-proclaimed “edutainer” — educator and entertainer — Professor Rosling championed a worldview based on facts. He had a genius for revealing large patterns in human development by making people see the data on population, inequality, and global education and health. He […]

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Subbing zero

Consider x + y = 5 How do you know what this will look like plotted on equal aspect axes?  How do your students know? Some possible ways include: using a graphical calculator display rearranging the equation and plotting three points (including one to ‘make sure’) using one intercept and the gradient of –1 recognising […]

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