Preparing to teach the new German GCSE AQA specification

AQA GCSE German 2024 blog image

By Mariela Affum, author and German teacher

I have over 18 years’ of teaching and examining experience and have seen several “new” specifications come and go. As teachers, we must constantly adapt to these changes and make sure that we provide the best possible preparation for our students, as their grades depend on our understanding of the exam and assessment criteria.

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Start as you mean to go on: ideas for enthusing your new Year 7 language learners from the beginning

After the constant changes of the last two years, I know that many of us are excited about getting back to school and experiencing more ‘normal’ lessons. It is liberating to think that we (hopefully!) will be able to incorporate activities which were previously restricted, such as speaking. At the time of writing, it seems […]

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