Changing Places: some thoughts on AS and A Level core content

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Despite some of the final specifications from exam boards not yet being approved, we do have the AS and A Level subject content set out by the government which was published in December 2014. Perhaps the least familiar theme from the list above to many secondary geography teachers is Changing place; changing places. At first glance, the criteria may look daunting and […]

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Choosing new geography specifications


Times are changing in secondary education thanks to government reforms: around the country new AS, A Level and GCSE courses will be being from September 2016. At the time of writing,  all GCSE specifications have been accredited. But, only Pearson (Edexcel) has been accredited at AS and A Level, with AQA, OCR and Eduqas on their third submissions to Ofqual. For those who are yet to decide which specification to follow, the Geographical Association has a wealth […]

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The times they are a-changin’ – Bob Digby on the new specifications

Beachy Head, East Sussex

It’s all change in the geography curriculum! Both GCSE and A Level specifications are changing in September 2016, with first examinations in summer 2018. The last examinations for the existing qualifications will take place in summer 2017. Any teachers teaching a three-year GCSE will already have started teaching the new courses! Change at GCSE The […]

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What is geography, exactly?

You probably saw the announcement over the summer that  geography has seen the biggest rise in popularity of any subject at A Level , prompting articles from the  TES  and  the Guardian  praising the subject. With geography attracting all this attention and with specification changes underway at both GCSE and A Level it seems a good time to re-consider what our subject is about and why it matters. It is also a […]

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Please look after…..

This fantastic ‘suitcase’ cake was made by two teachers Janine Turner and Nancy Ryan as part of a British Bake-off organised for Comic Relief at Altrincham Grammar School for Girls.The idea of the suitcase came from the Head of Spanish, Yolanda Martinez. The label said ‘Please look after MFL’ What a wonderful idea! Our subject […]

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