What’s next after Read Write Inc. Phonics?

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Once your children have completed Read Write Inc. Phonics, what should you move them onto so that they can continue to learn to read confidently and with pleasure?

There are two great Read Write Inc. Programmes, developed by Ruth Miskin, for your children once they have finished grey: Read Write Inc. Comprehension and Read Write Inc. Spelling.

Training films covering all elements of these programmes are included with the online training subscription from Ruth Miskin Training. Read on to find out more about Read Write Inc. Comprehension and Read Write Inc. Spelling.

Read Write Inc. Comprehension: Develop children’s reading fluency, vocabulary and comprehension

Read Write Inc. Comprehension has been developed to increase children’s reading fluency, vocabulary comprehension. Following the addition of six new modules in May 2023, there are now 20 weekly modules available.

Two great Read Write Inc. Programmes blog feature image
Six new modules coming in May 2023

Read Write Inc. Comprehension can be used as a bridge from Read Write Inc. Phonics to Read Write Inc. Literacy and Language or whatever your class literacy programme is going to be. It can be used by children who have finished the Grey level of Read Write Inc. Phonics in Y1 (P2) in term 3, as well as children in Years 2 (P3) and 3 (P4).

Read Write Inc. Comprehension:

  • Uses many of the key teaching strategies from the Phonics programme such as My Turn Your Turn, Turn to your partner, Partner talk and Partner practice to maintain children’s progress
  • The 20 modules contain a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts, which will improve children’s subject knowledge and help them to gain experience in both types of text
  • As well as developing children’s reading fluency and comprehension, the programme has been developed to improve children’s writing by developing their vocabulary, grammar and spelling.

In terms of the teaching sequence, what you do for one module, you do for all modules, following the same pattern of activities. There are detailed lesson plans for all the activities in the Read Write Inc. Comprehension Handbook. There are blueprint lesson plans which tell you how to teach the activities and module lesson plans which tell you what specifically to teach in each activity for each module.

The teaching sequence for Read Write Inc. Comprehension is divided into four key elements:

  1. Talk for understanding – this encourages children to think about the moral question in the text
  2. Developing comprehension – children read the text and answer questions either in discussion with partners or by composing written responses
  3. Improving children’s skills in grammar, punctuation, vocabulary and spelling
  4. Composition – children write a composition drawn from ideas in the text

Read Write Inc. Spelling: Help children progress their spelling and deepen their understanding

Read Write Inc. Spelling is a comprehensive spelling programme made up of 15-minute daily sessions for Years 2– 6 (P3– 7). It has been designed to help children meet the more demanding spelling requirements of the English National Curriculum – both quickly and successfully – with plenty of consolidation opportunities to ensure deeper understanding. Resources for the programme include an online subscription on Oxford Owl, a Teaching Handbook, Practice Books and Log Books for sending home.

The programme builds on the spelling activities from the Read Write Inc. Phonics programme.

The teaching sequence for Read Write Inc. Spelling has five key elements:

  1. Learn something new – videos introduce a new spelling focus in a carefully levelled way
  2. Practise – children continually practise the words they are learning
  3. Consolidate in context – activities provide further practice and consolidation
  4. Review – children work together to review the words from the unit
  5. Personal progression – each child decides which words they find tricky and lists them to practise either in class or at home

Read Write Inc. Spelling Online, a subscription on Oxford Owl, is used throughout the programme. It includes an Extra Practice Zone where children can apply their learning through completing interactive activities, and can be accessed at school or home.

Don’t forget! If you have the online subscription from Ruth Miskin Training, you will already have access to all the training films for Read Write Inc. Comprehension and Read Write Inc. Spelling. Separate subscriptions are also available.

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