Diversifying history at KS3: The Kingdom of Benin

One of the unexpected benefits of the first lockdown in March 2020 was that many academic or professional development lectures and seminars that would once have been held in person, were instead delivered online – making them much more accessible for teachers across the country. In early 2020 I had been aware of the need to inject greater diversity into our KS3 curriculum, and […]

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What can we do to Bridge the Word Gap at transition?

OUP’s Bridging the Word Gap at Transition report gives it to us straight. As Jane Harley states in the Foreword: ‘This is a critical time for a focus on vocabulary development, particularly in the context of COVID-19 and the much-publicised broadening of the attainment gap’ Since its publication there have been regional lockdowns that have incorporated some of the poorest regions in England, […]

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Return to the classroom

Getting back to the classroom

Finding focus in the new academic year When we published the blogs related to remote learning, the one question we asked ourselves is what we could do as publishers to help teachers preparing for a return to school in September. Here Aaron Wilkes and Lindsay Bruce explain some of the ways that OUP might help […]

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