The Modern Foreign Languages classroom provides the perfect antidote to lockdown

Following months of screen gazing, limited interaction and working in isolation, our students are ready to come to life and to feel the buzz that our lively and dynamic MFL methodology brings. A foreign languages lesson is a social event where interaction and communication are essential, just what our young people need, having been starved […]

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Connecting Through a Class Reader

What Lemov makes clear here is that there is something important happening when we share reading, indeed not a singular something but a whole bunch of somethings.  The complexity of reading has been well documented (Scarborough’s reading rope makes this very clear). Through the reading process, our students are acquiring vocabulary, developing phonological and grammatical […]

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Teaching Writing

Teacher listening in classrooom

The ideas in this blog post are inspired from reading Storycraft by Martin Griffin and Teach Like a Writer by Jennifer Webb. Teaching writing is somewhat of a dreaded phrase in my English department. We are all Literature lovers and doubt our ability to successfully break down and build back up the components of writing […]

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