Opening conversations and building positive, practical steps together

Beth Cox has been making books incidentally inclusive since 2005. She works with publishers to help them understand the basic principles of inclusion so that they can embed inclusion in everything they publish. She’s also a co-founder of  Inclusive Minds , a collective of people championing authentic inclusion in the children’s book world. Inclusive Minds has a […]

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Champion teachers

exceptional teachers

What do really exceptional teachers do, that good teachers don’t? This is a very under-researched question but we are beginning to get some answers. What makes brilliant teachers brilliant is not who they are, but what they do in the classroom, and some of the techniques they use anyone could adopt. Doug Lemov works in […]

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Confusing Concentrations

By Sam Holyman Are you concentrating at the end of term?  At school we are getting ready for the new academic year, sorting labs, stock taking and making sure everything is labelled.  And concentration has become the hot topic of debate! We use the term concentration all the time, and in everyday life this gets […]

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