Reflections on the Oxford International Curriculum Schools Conference 2022

More than 400 teachers, leaders and support staff joined inspirational speakers at our first ever two-day interactive Oxford International Curriculum Schools Conference this term. The exclusive online event on the topic of ‘Making learning meaningful: empowering future leaders and changemakers’ included sessions from Alex Beard, Karem Roitman, Jo Cogan, Adrian Bethune and Louise Aukland, on trending topics in education.

The conference delved into creating a global ecosystem for meaningful learning to enhancing wellbeing through brain-based learning, how to make real-world connections, and the importance of embracing challenges and finding flow. Attendees explored strategies for enhancing student wellbeing and skills development, empowering learners to become thoughtful, innovative leaders and finding meaning in a changing world.

The Oxford International Curriculum team took the opportunity to further support our growing community at the conference by launching our brand-new digital community for Oxford International Curriculum schools on Facebook, and running peer-to-peer sessions on sharing best practices and key approaches to teaching and learning.

All sessions — keynote speakers, expert sessions and closing session — were recorded and emailed to all delegates after the conference. We’ve a few highlights here to share with you: 

Creating a global ecosystem for meaningful learning with Alex Beard

Brain-based learning for enhanced wellbeing with Louise Aukland

IDEAS to Action: empowering changemakers with Karem Roitman and Jo Cogan

Embracing challenges and finding flow with Adrian Bethune

A big thank you from the team to everyone involved in making this conference a real success!

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