4 great reasons to try Read Write Inc. Fresh Start

Read Write Inc. Fresh Start

Fresh Start is a catch-up and intervention programme for 9- to 13-year-olds who are struggling to learn how to read. Taking only 25 minutes a day, it is a simple but powerful way to accelerate reading progress.

The programme connects older learners with specially designed age-appropriate resources. It aims to enable them to become confident and fluent readers, and to enhance their engagement with the wider curriculum.

Here are four great reasons to try Read Write Inc. Fresh Start in your primary or secondary school:

1. Fresh Start accelerates progress

Fresh Start teaches students to read with accuracy and understanding through finely-levelled Modules and age-appropriate Anthologies. A five-and-a-half month trial conducted by the Education Endowment Foundation in 2014 found that learners supported by the Fresh Start programme made three months’ additional progress in reading, when measured using the New Group Reading Test.

Students are being equipped with the tools that they need to become independent readers.

Gaps in their reading knowledge are addressed, they get to practise reading texts that are accessible to them, and they are visibly more confident as a result.

It’s like they are suddenly able to unlock a code, and it’s brilliant to see!

Astrea Academy Woodfields, Doncaster

2. Fresh Start gives students success from the beginning

Students experience success from the very beginning of the programme and grow in confidence quickly as a result. Their increasing knowledge of phonics and ‘tricky’ words is matched by the engaging stories and non-fiction texts offered in the Fresh Start Modules and Anthologies.

A wide range of comprehension activities provide practise of the sounds and graphemes taught in the Fresh Start phonics lessons, whilst the lively Anthologies provide further phonics practice for school or home use.

We have seen an enormous improvement in not only the reading ages of our students but also their enjoyment of and enthusiasm for reading.

Many teachers have commented on the increased confidence these students display when reading aloud in class and contributing to group discussions.

Chiswick School, London

3. It helps you support the students who need it most

The highly flexible programme can be tailored to the number of students needing support and the number of staff available. You receive step-by-step guidance on how to deliver lessons and day-by-day lesson plans: meaning that Fresh Start can fit easily into your own timetable.

By grouping and assessing students according to their phonic knowledge, you can ensure that every student makes the best possible progress.

4. Fresh Start offers expert training and professional development for teachers

Ruth Miskin Training provide transformational step-by-step training for Fresh Start.

An expert trainer works with your school to analyse data, run practice sessions, and coach reading teachers. The online training subscription includes films explaining how to teach each part of the programme, and Virtual Classroom films which provide extra practise for students.

To find out more about the resources for Read Write Inc. Fresh Start, please visit our website.

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