5 reasons to try Get It Right: Boost Your Vocabulary

Each workbook in the Get It Right: Boost Your Vocabulary series offers targeted support for exanding students’ vocabulary and addressing the word gap by exploring ambitious words in context and unpicking layers of meaning, resulting in more confident readers and articulate writers.

Here are five reasons why your school should try the Get It Right: Boost Your Vocabulary series.

1. Research-informed content

Each workbook includes a range of carefully selected tier 2 words drawn from the Oxford Children’s Corpus (a unique database of authentic children’s language that contains over 440 million words written by, and for, children) and from academic vocabulary. These aspirational words have been selected to help students access more challenging texts and empower them to use more sophisticated vocabulary in their own writing.

2. Word webs

Each unit in the workbooks uses a single, aspirational word as a starting point, together with accessible definitions and student-friendly examples. However, these words aren’t explored in isolation; each focus word is also presented alongside a ‘word web’ that includes a selection of synonyms, antonyms and other related words. These ‘word webs’ encourage students to build a rich schema by making connections between words, unpicking layers of meaning, and exploring connotations and nuance.

3. An active approach

This series provides a clearly structured, active approach to building students’ vocabulary through a sequence of levelled activities, alongside a selection of engaging fiction and nonfiction extracts. Comprehension-style activities serve as a useful checkpoint for teachers and learners, testing students’ basic understanding of each word and teasing out misconceptions. ‘Explore the meaning’ activities encourage students to think more deeply about layers of meaning, including connotations and synonyms. Reading tasks help students to contextualise the focus words, while writing tasks challenge students to put those new words into practice.

4. Engaging features

The workbooks are bursting with interesting features designed to energise vocabulary teaching and learning. ‘Have your say’ tasks support the use of oracy in vocabulary learning and offer thought-provoking questions to encourage lively discussion and debate. The ‘Word knowledge’ feature, meanwhile, provides key information about the etymology or morphology of a focus word, helping to deepen students’ understanding and provide them with the tools they’ll need to decode other unfamiliar vocabulary that they encounter.

5. Ease of use

The workbooks are designed to be used flexibly, depending on your students’ needs. Each standalone unit can fit seamlessly into existing schemes of work, while the short, sharp and focused nature of the content makes it ideal for lesson starters or targeted intervention. Each workbook contains all the information students will need to confidently complete the activities, including definitions for synonyms and ‘word web’ vocabulary, making it perfect for homework.

All answers can then be obtained via the Oxford University Press website, saving you valuable time.

Find out more at www.oxfordsecondary.com/boostyourvocabulary