Summer Exams 2022: wellbeing resource hub

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With the return of examinations in Summer 2022, this blog series hears a range of expert voices who share their insight and advice covering wellbeing approaches for students and teachers in an often uncertain post-pandemic world.

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Part One: Thomas Michael, a Safeguarding and Welfare Officer discusses his work alongside the pastoral staff ensuring that the wellbeing of the school community is taken care of.
Part Two: An English teacher offers five top tips to help students with exam worries. By breaking down where students identify the gaps in their knowledge they will recognize where they should focus their revision.
Part Three: Holly Jukes, Literacy Director, shares the short and long term intervention strategies used in her school throughout the year, that have become vital as exams return for summer 2022 .

We have partnered with experts from stem4 and The Children’s Society who shared their advice for students approaching exam season.

Dr Nihara Krause Founder & CEO of stem4 shares her advice on how to approach preparing students for exams in an unpredictable post-pandemic landscape.

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The Children’s Society, in partnership with OUP, share their research findings and advice to support the wellbeing of students sitting exams in 2022.

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“Revision is the key to confidence when it comes to exams and students are aware teachers are always willing to help students!”

‘Looking after student and staff wellbeing during exam season: Part two of three.’

Whole school approaches to wellbeing are desperately needed. I often equate it to a multi-sensory experiences. Amongst other things, when done properly, this approach can be seen, heard and felt. It is evident for all stakeholders to see.

Mike Armiger writes in “Wellbeing- the importance of professional development for OUP

There is a universality to wellbeing: it is for everyone, not just for those who need it at a particular moment in time, to the child feeling anxious, with worries at home or concerns with their learning, but for every member of the school community, especially those who might pass under the radar. 

Andrew Cowley- “Wellbeing: A Whole School Approach”

We will continue to add to this site throughout the exam season. Stay tuned for more blogs from our expert team!