Student presentations: why they’re vital and how to build them into your SoW

Student presenting to class

Some students relish the opportunity to hold forth to a captive audience, whereas others may be more reticent or suffer from serious performance anxiety. Either way, I think all students should be encouraged to give regular presentations in their A Level lessons. Why? Giving presentations is an essential life skill that our students will need […]

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Flooding and mental health

Heavy rain and storm surges have made 2014 pretty miserable for many of us (so far), and have been devastating for many of those affected by the widespread flooding in southern parts of the UK. What are the psychological impacts of flooding like this? The Health Protection Agency (HPA)   published a document in 2012 […]

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Costs and Benefits of Drug therapy

Insomnia and anxiety disorders are very different problems, each making normal, everyday life difficult, and drug therapy can usually help with both of these conditions. However, a word of caution is now being given about such therapy as a meta-analysis of over 12 years’ Canadian data suggests that the costs of such treatment might outweigh […]

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