Rethinking the curriculum: how did Yasmin Khan help make teaching the Second World War more meaningful, motivating and empowering? 

     As part of our work looking at how teachers are rethinking their curriculum, the History Team is delighted to share the following from History teachers Zaiba Patel and David Hibbert. Concerned that their history curriculum relied on familiar and oft-repeated narratives of the Second World War, Patel and Hibbert sought a fresh take and […]

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International Independent Project Qualifications: 12 ways to successfully implement project-based learning

Teacher Sheridan Mack explains 12 key steps to successfully integrate a International Independent Project Based Qualifications such as the OxfordAQA International IPQ into the school curriculum.

We all know the benefits of project-based learning. It makes students into more independent learners and universities are also increasingly seeing the value in such projects. In fact, some universities are giving reduced offers to students who achieve a qualification in the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) or International Independent Project Qualifications such as the OxfordAQA International IPQ . They […]

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Readymade Scaffolding: Using the Oxford School Shakespeare GCSE Revision Workbooks

Recently, I’ve been playing around with and using a lot of Oxford University Press Shakespeare materials and resources, which are proving to be excellent. In particular, I’ve been experimenting with their ‘Macbeth GCSE Revision Workbook’ by Graham Elsdon, which is part of the Oxford School Shakespeare series. I’ve been using this in the more traditional […]

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