Oh, that air of authority!

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All the form without the content!  I leave it to you to formulate the appropriate knowledge questions — about persuasive devices, about experts and authorities. I’m too busy laughing! Looking for more thought-provoking resources to support your TOK teaching? Subscribe today References Pat Kelly, “Thought Leader Gives Talk That Will Inspire Your Thoughts”, This is That, Canadian […]

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The Rich Get Richer

Language is acquired through imitation. It’s kind-of obvious, but it bears thinking about: different children have different levels of vocabulary (and, indeed, different capabilities with putting that vocabulary together, AKA grammar) because of the language they have been immersed in over the length of their lives thus far. So what are we giving them to […]

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Non-Fiction November

November is National Non-fiction month and is the ideal time for us to consider how to provide rich reading experiences with non-fiction texts. To begin, it’s important that good non-fiction writing does more than convey information. We can distinguish between factual literature and information text. While information text is solely for conveying information, factual literature […]

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