Preparing to teach the new German GCSE AQA specification

AQA GCSE German 2024 blog image

By Mariela Affum, author and German teacher

I have over 18 years’ of teaching and examining experience and have seen several “new” specifications come and go. As teachers, we must constantly adapt to these changes and make sure that we provide the best possible preparation for our students, as their grades depend on our understanding of the exam and assessment criteria.

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Addressing the problems of tomorrow: How DP Physics can help students gain climate science literacy

Read the latest installment in our #InspireWithScience series, where Will Heathcote, one of the authors of DP Physics, explores the relevance of DP Physics in the face of the global challenge of climate change. Will unravels the connections between the new DP Physics syllabus, and how it enables students to be scientifically literate when it comes to climate change.

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Understanding the science of global warming and climate change: How DP Chemistry supports teachers and students as advocates of the fundamental need to safeguard the global environment.

Hear from Gary Horner, one of the authors of DP Chemistry, as he discusses the relevance of DP Chemistry in the face of global warming. Gary dives into the connections between the syllabus and climate change, highlighting how a comprehensive understanding of chemistry equips students to address this issue. This blog is the part of […]

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