Intent. Implementation. Impact.

These three words have been on the lips of many school leaders during 2019 and now will continue to be at the forefront of every school’s agenda. 14th May saw the latest OFSTED framework finally published with only minor changes from its draft form released earlier in the year. The one significant change being the […]

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Key Takeaways from Strictly RE

It’s difficult to decide if CPD has been useful or not, until you reflect on what it is that you will take away from it. Sometimes that manifests itself in things you can instantly use in the classroom, but it can be much subtler than this. Conversations with other delegates, being with a professional community […]

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Thinking Time, by Janet Dyson

living faiths

I’ve been reflecting on reflection, meta-reflection I think it’s called. In particular, the nature of reflection in both professional and personal contexts – my own and those of the trainee teachers I’m working with. They are required as part of their course to keep a journal throughout their PGCE year, recording regular written reflections every […]

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