Top tips to support remote learning – Martha O’Dell

remote learning

With last week’s decision to close schools leaving teachers across the country reeling, we’ve compiled some ‘top tips’ to help facilitate the transition to remote learning.    Firstly, instructions are everything  Setting clear instructions and success criteria will be crucial to avoid a tsunami of emails asking the same thing and in providing zero excuses for pupils looking to avoid work. Model answers […]

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The central role of the curriculum and Ofsted’s new inspection framework from September 2019


A personal view by Michael Maddison Biography: Michael Maddison served as Ofsted’s National Lead for history at Ofsted from 2008 to 2015. He now works as a leading educational consultant but still undertakes inspection work for Ofsted. He is Associate Vice President of the Historical Association, a director and judge for the Heritage EducationTrust and […]

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Writing for special learners: what do lower attaining students require from their resources?

When I started teaching students with special educational needs, the educational landscape was a different place. Special schools and mainstreams were separate entities and what happened inside special schools was an enigma to mainstream teachers. For me, the transition from mainstream to special education was a challenge, and I learned from many mistakes. Fortunately the […]

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