Bridging the Word Gap at Transition: The Oxford Language Report 2020

Jane Harley, Policy and Partnership Director, Oxford University Press  Read the Oxford Language Report OUP has a deeply rooted commitment to young people’s language development – it sits at the heart of education. We seek to drive positive change in educational outcomes through our publishing and nowhere can be more important than the area of language and literacy.  Through our Oxford Children’s Corpus we monitor closely the […]

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2020 Oxford Children’s Word of the Year

2020 Oxford Children's Word of the Year

Coronavirus is the 2020 Oxford Children’s Word of the Year! 2020 marks the 10th anniversary of BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show and Chris Evans’ 500 Words short story competition, and saw more than 134,000 children submit entries, hitting the millionth story milestone! As part of ongoing language and lexical research, the Oxford Children’s Dictionaries & […]

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Top tips to support remote learning – Martha O’Dell

remote learning

With last week’s decision to close schools leaving teachers across the country reeling, we’ve compiled some ‘top tips’ to help facilitate the transition to remote learning.    Firstly, instructions are everything  Setting clear instructions and success criteria will be crucial to avoid a tsunami of emails asking the same thing and in providing zero excuses for pupils looking to avoid work. Model answers […]

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