Teaching Writing

Teacher listening in classrooom

The ideas in this blog post are inspired from reading Storycraft by Martin Griffin and Teach Like a Writer by Jennifer Webb. Teaching writing is somewhat of a dreaded phrase in my English department. We are all Literature lovers and doubt our ability to successfully break down and build back up the components of writing […]

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Handy maps

Examples of student work

Like most geography departments across the UK, our Year 7s complete a map skills unit within months of arriving at the school. This year, we made it as engaging as possible, drawing lines of latitude and longitude drawn in chalk on the playground, bringing out OS maps of their local area, and using GIS to […]

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Doing & Undoing

Do you have any learners who finish their work quickly and then make a nuisance of themselves disturbing others who have not completed the work? Do you have disaffected or disengaged learners in your classes? Do you have learners who are unmotivated mathematically? One way to address both of these situations is to challenge learners […]

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