Creativity-themed reading recommendations to boost wellbeing

If you’re looking for creative ways to boost wellbeing in those fast-approaching first weeks of term, look no further than our list of creativity-themed reading recommendations for Reception to Year 6.  From books full of art and craft activities to try in the classroom or at home, to stories about painting or performing, read on for lots of feelgood, artistic inspiration. 

The Enormous Picture cover

The Enormous Picture
Biff, Chip and Kipper Decode and Develop
Oxford Level 3 (Reception/P1) 

Find out how Biff, Chip and Kipper use their art skills to raise the money needed to fix their school minibus, so that they can go on a trip to an art gallery. Once you’ve finished this decodable story, why not create your own enormous class painting inspired by Vincent Van Gogh and find out more about him and his work?

Take a look at the whole Biff, Chip and Kipper Decode and Develop Level 3 pack or buy The Enormous Picture on Amazon.

Let's Sing cover

Let’s Sing
Word Sparks
Oxford Level 6 (Year 1/P2)

How do our voices work? Find out and learn how to sing like a star in this partner text that’s designed for an adult and child to read together. There’s richer language for the adult to read, alongside phonically decodable text for the child, which means that it’s great for boosting vocabulary.

Take a look at the whole Word Sparks Level 6 pack or buy Let’s Sing on Amazon.

Bin Goblins cover

Bin Goblins
Oxford Reading Tree inFact
Oxford Level 7 (Year 2/P3)

Follow the simple instructions in this book to make fantastic puppets from household recycling items. Children can be extra-creative by putting on a show with the characters they’ve made! 

Take a look at the whole Oxford Reading Tree inFact Level 7 pack or buy Bin Goblins on Amazon.

Mr Stofflees and the Painted Tiger cover

Mr Stofflees and the Painted Tiger
TreeTops Fiction
Oxford Level 9 (Year 2-4/P3-5)

Ravi, Yasmin and Peter are bored, until the day Mr Stofflees moves into Rivermead flats. When he paints a tiger on the wall, he unleashes some multi-coloured creative magic and things will never be the same again.

Take a look at the whole TreeTops Fiction Level 9 pack or buy Mr Stofflees and the Painted Tiger on Amazon.

Let's Make Comics cover

Let’s Make Comics!
Oxford Reading Tree inFact
Oxford Level 10 (Year 1-3/P2-4)

Another book that’s full of fun activities, this time your class will get expert advice from real-life comic book creators. Covering everything from thinking up a good idea to drawing story panels, children will get the chance to test out their artistic and creative writing skills.

Take a look at the whole Oxford Reading Tree inFact Level 10 pack or buy Let’s Make Comics on Amazon.

My Dad Does Belly Dancing cover

My Dad Does Belly Dancing 
TreeTops Fiction
Oxford Level 11 (Year 2-4/P3-5)

Dancing is a great mood booster, but what if your dad joined the belly dancing club – and then came to school?! Cal is dismayed at first, but to his surprise, his dad is the star of the show. This heartwarming story is sure to have the same feelgood effect as hitting the dancefloor. 

Take a look at the whole TreeTops Fiction Level 11 More pack or buy My Dad Does Belly Dancing on Amazon

Huge Art cover

Huge Art
TreeTops inFact
Oxford Level 16 (Year 5-6/P6-7)

Introduce your class to the fact that art is far more than pictures hanging on a wall – some of it is huge! They can find out about different types of art and the historical and cultural importance of these impressive creations as they journey around the world, from the Nazca lines in Peru to The Kelpies in Scotland, in this highly visual non-fiction text.

Take a look at the whole TreeTops inFact Level 16-17 pack or buy Huge Art on Amazon.

Stage Fright cover

Stage Fright
TreeTops Reflect
Oxford Level 18 (Year 6/P7)

Parnita is crazy about acting and couldn’t be more excited about the end-of-term play. But when she’s cast as the narrator, she feels like she’s losing her chance to shine – and then finds she might be losing her best friend too. A lively, comforting friendship story that’s full of great ideas for coping with nerves and top performance tips for budding thespians. 

Take a look at the whole TreeTops Reflect Level 18-20 pack or buy Stage Fright on Amazon.


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