500 Wondercrump Words: How young writers use Roald Dahl’s language

BFG and Dahl Dictionary

From Agent Wonka to Big Friendly Zombies, snozsprouts to puckleberries, this year’s entrants to the BBC Radio 2 500 Words competition show how Roald Dahl’s language continues to inspire them. At the end of Roald Dahl’s much-loved tale of The BFG, the eponymous giant is inspired to take up storywriting, and generations of Dahl’s young readers have done likewise, using […]

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Exploring children’s language: the BBC Radio 2 500 Words competition and the Oxford Children’s Corpus

Today marks the start of this year’s BBC Radio 2 500 Words competition , run by the Chris Evans Breakfast Show. The competition asks children aged 13 or under to compose an original work of fiction of 500 words. The entries are judged by a star-studded cast of children’s authors, with the winning entries read out live on the Chris Evans […]

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