How to write your best SCARY story!

With Halloween coming up, we thought we would treat you to a spooky snippet from the fabulous How to Write Your Best Story Ever! by Christopher Edge, to help you create your own terrifying tales…

How to write your best SCARY story!

How to Write Your Best Story Ever!What scares you? A haunted house with creaking stairs? A ghostly apparition flitting through the forest? A vampire rising from its grave as the clock strikes twelve? Or maybe a spider scuttling across the floor giving you the evil eye?

When writing a scary story you can turn your own fears into fiction and give your readers a fright! Your story could have the usual scary suspects – ghosts and zombies, werewolves and monsters – or you could add a supernatural twist to an ordinary object, such as a cursed smartphone with an app that can bring the dead back to life! Use your imagination and graphic descriptions to build your own spine-chilling tale.

The language of horror

We have a wide range of words for you to help you make your writing more powerful. Which words from this web could you use to describe the characters, settings and events of your scary story?

Scary story word cloud

A good horror story needs a good villain! Download our free activity sheets to help with creating your own villainous characters…

Creating a villain - character profile   Creating a villain - description


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