Metacognitive learning through Smart Curriculum

Developing metacognition through science curriculum

Metacognition is commonly thought of as ‘learning about learning’. Whilst this is an oversimplification of what metacognition truly is, it is a helpful point to start from when looking at building a curriculum which enhances students’ metacognitive skills. There are two main parts to metacognition, metacognitive knowledge and metacognitive regulation. The metacognition strand of the […]

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Reflections on the Oxford International Curriculum Schools Conference 2022

More than 400 teachers, leaders and support staff joined inspirational speakers at our first ever two-day interactive Oxford International Curriculum Schools Conference this term. The exclusive online event on the topic of ‘Making learning meaningful: empowering future leaders and changemakers’ included sessions from Alex Beard, Karem Roitman, Jo Cogan, Adrian Bethune and Louise Aukland, on trending topics in education. […]

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