‘Making the most of Year 7: How to get our geographers off to the best possible start.’ – Your responses

"Making the most of Geography in Year 7" Image of Kate Stockings

Last week we ran an insightful and engaging webinar with Kate Stockings, if you missed it you can catch up here:  ‘Making the most of Year 7: How to get our geographers off to the best possible start’ . Kate asked several questions throughout the webinar, and as the attendees contributed lots of inspiring answers, we wanted to share some of these responses to get fellow geography teachers thinking about the transition […]

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The new Ofsted Inspection Framework: putting the subject at the centre of the inspection process

new EIF

First impressions from Geography teachers of the new Education Inspection Framework (EIF) published by Ofsted in May 2019 are overwhelmingly positive. Let’s start with the fact that the new framework puts the focus of inspection on the school curriculum and specifically what is being taught in the classroom i.e. subjects – and in our case, […]

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A different view? The purpose of geography – an analysis of the Geographical Association’s manifesto

I am currently completing a part-time Masters degree in Geography Education at the Institute of Education, UCL. The module I am currently studying is entitled ‘What is Education’ and asks students to consider the ‘big questions’ of what education is for, both now and in the future. Whilst the assignment does not need to be […]

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