Christopher Nibble: the greenest guinea pig in town

Author and illustrator Charlotte Middleton introduces the wonderful Christopher Nibble’s latest eco-adventure!

Coming up with an idea for the next Christopher Nibble story was a bit of a challenge.

We’ve already established that Christopher is a plucky, forward thinking and considerate guinea pig.  In his adventures so far he’s prevented the whole town of Dandeville from running out of their staple food – dandelions (Christopher Nibble).


And in Christopher’s Caterpillars, he has learnt to nurture caterpillars, so that they can flourish and turn into magical butterflies, as they flutter right before our eyes out from Mr Rosetti’s café window.


So what for the next tale of Christopher Nibble? So far Christopher’s world has been about the natural cycle of life. His home town Dandeville is a very green and harmonious world and Christopher likes to help keep it that way.

In the next story, then, Christopher would surely be encouraging the residents of Dandeville to help him in his next environmentally-friendly quest, whatever that might be…

It all boiled down in the end to the word ‘cycle’.  Christopher’s world is all about sustainability so ‘ recycling’  seemed to be the way forward  and what better way to propel this guinea pig into the next story book, than with a recycled bicycle!


Now Christopher was well and truly on the road to his new adventure! In this story we revisit Mr Rosetti in his cafe and we meet some new characters along the way, as Christopher spots recycling opportunities all over town.  With the help of his sister and Posie his neighbour, they come up with some brilliant ideas and set to work turning old rubbish into something useful and wonderful!

The young guinea pigs have worked their magic again and ignited the interest of all the residents of Dandeville and hopefully some aspiring young readers too!


Charlotte Middleton

At school, Charlotte loved drawing and would regularly illustrate her spelling and times tables test papers. She went on to study Graphic Art and Illustration at the Cambridge School of Art. Her first book, Tabitha’s Terrifically Tough Tooth, was published in 1998 and since then she has written and illustrated more than a dozen books. Her stories have been sold all over the world and Charlotte would love to be as well-travelled as her books one day.

Christopher’s Bicycle is out now.


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