Mastery of maths in action in Singapore

At Coldfall Primary School, we recently adopted the Inspire Maths programme and teachers are working hard to bring the ‘Singapore’ or ‘mastery’ approach into their lessons. But what does teaching for mastery look like in the Singapore classroom? How do teachers use textbooks and how do they ensure that children are appropriately challenged and supported? […]

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Thank you, Hans Rosling: numbers, facts, and the world

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Hans Rosling, who passed away earlier this month, made numbers tell significant stories about the world.  A self-proclaimed “edutainer” — educator and entertainer — Professor Rosling championed a worldview based on facts. He had a genius for revealing large patterns in human development by making people see the data on population, inequality, and global education and health. He […]

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The evidence for mastery in maths is clear. Now we need to talk about how to embed it into UK schools.

I was thrilled to see the results of a new University of Oxford impact study today , highlighting and confirming my belief that OUP’s mastery in maths programme Inspire Maths  can make a very real positive impact on children’s maths abilities. I have seen first-hand the difference that mastery can make when visiting schools in Singapore . My Pals Are Here! – which Inspire Maths is based […]

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