Numicon transformed our school | Tilbury Pioneer Academy’s Numicon Journey


Deputy maths lead Claire Hall discusses the massive impact Numicon has made on the students and staff at Tilbury Pioneer Academy. Back in 2013 Tilbury Pioneer Academy was due to be closed as students weren’t achieving their expected grades, staff weren’t being supported and the school was deemed not worthy of KS2. However, since the implementation […]

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Mastery: solving the problem

By Vanessa Pittard, former Assistant Director at the DfE No single person can take credit for Singapore’s success in the teaching of mathematics, but if I could nominate someone, it would be Berinderjeet Kaur, Professor of Mathematics and Mathematics Education at Singapore’s National Institute of Education. Along with others, I was lucky enough to hear […]

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2016 Teacher Assessment Exemplification Materials

Well, we’re finally there. The DfE has released the last exemplification materials: documents for reading and science KS1 and KS2 have been published and KS1 mathematics has been updated to include exemplification for ‘working towards the expected standard’ and ‘working in greater depth within the expected standard’. All of the materials can be found here , but here’s a quick overview of the […]

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