The DfE has been unable to say why it published the early years employers apprenticeship standard and then imposed its own contradictory qualifications requirements.

apprenticespic3322-460x306Last week, the Level 3 early years standard was published saying: ‘Employers who recruit candidates without English and maths GCSE at Grade C or above… must ensure that the candidate achieves this standard prior to the completion of the apprenticeship.’

But on the same day, the National College for Teaching and Leadership confirmed that these rules will only be in place for funded learners until August 2015 when the rules will change.

Asked why the standard was published with an exit requirement if this is only going to last for a year, a spokesman said, ‘We are raising the standard of our Early Years Educators, who are responsible for leading nurseries and educating and caring for young children, by requiring them to have at least a C in GCSE English and Maths.’

Self-funded apprentices will be able to complete the relevant GCSE qualifications by the end of their course after August 2015, but Government funding will be not be available to those who don’t have them when starting an apprenticeship after this date. Read full article…