Champion teachers

What do really exceptional teachers do, that good teachers don’t? This is a very under-researched question but we are beginning to get some answers. What makes brilliant teachers brilliant is not who they are, but what they do in the classroom, and some of the techniques they use anyone could adopt. Doug Lemov works in […]

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Top 5 spelling tips

read write inc spelling

We all know spelling is tricky. With more than 150 ways of spelling the 44 sounds in the English language, it’s no wonder children struggle with spelling. So how can we help children become better spellers and build a lasting understanding of spelling rules and the many exceptions to those rules? Here are five helpful […]

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researchED English and MFL

  researchED is proud and excited to announce its first conference aimed at English and MFL practitioners and educators. We’ve teamed up with Oxford University Press to bring another extraordinary day of challenge, myth busting, and the best research in the field, from some of the best voices in the UK and beyond. researchED has […]

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