Caregiver-infant interactions

Photo of baby's hand grasping an adult's figure

These activities concentrate on knowledge and understanding of research into caregiver-infant interactions. Starter: Non-verbal communication skills. Students sit in pairs facing each other. Seating is important here: one student (student A) needs to be sitting with their back to the whiteboard while the other (student B) sits opposite them so they are able to see […]

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Mind Changers

Many of you will be familiar with the excellent BBC radio series called Mind Changers which has included programmes on Milgram, Piaget, Ainsworth, Bartlett, Kohlberg, Zimbardo, Harlow, Asch. Some of these are currently available as podcasts here or you can go to PsychBLOG where Jamie has downloaded some and there are also some available on Spokenword (free subscription […]

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