Juliet – and Romeo

Romeo and Juliet blog

Romeo & Juliet is sometimes perceived as ‘just too silly’. I disagree. In my experience teenage students relate to R&J and enjoy it. Why? Because the themes are themes they understand. Because the characters are people they can to some extent relate to. Because although it’s a tragedy (and I must admit I find the […]

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Banquo: No More Mr Nice Guy?

Banquo: Mr nice guy?

Banquo – Mr Nice Guy? Banquo, I admit, is a character I have never considered in much detail – any notes, character profiles of him simply present him as loyal, sensible etc. He is Macbeth’s friend, Duncan’s supporter, a sort of all-round good guy who is horribly betrayed and murdered by his bezzie. Rarely is […]

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Glamorous Grammar

Jill Carter dispels the popular myth that grammar is boring and explains why she thinks it should be revered by teachers and students alike.      In the years I have spent around teaching, one of the main subject-related complaints of English teachers is SPaG.  The main complaints seem to be: ‘I wasn’t taught grammar […]

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