Strictly RE 2021 – Dawn Cox

Strictly RE

It’s hard to believe that it’s a year ago that RE teachers were gathered at a hotel in outer London for Strictly RE 2020. Little did we know how things would change for Strictly RE 2021. Everything has moved online and it’s already begun! This year, NATRE have thought carefully about how they can support […]

Getting back to the classroom

Getting back to the classroom

Since early March, the subject of school closures and reopenings has dominated the news, as well as conversations between teachers, parents and students. They say that a week is a long time in politics; four months in education has felt like a rollercoaster! Whilst schools have remained open for vulnerable and key workers’ children – […]

Key Takeaways from Strictly RE

It’s difficult to decide if CPD has been useful or not, until you reflect on what it is that you will take away from it. Sometimes that manifests itself in things you can instantly use in the classroom, but it can be much subtler than this. Conversations with other delegates, being with a professional community […]