June Reading List: Sensational superhero stories

From real-life lifesavers to ordinary kids with extraordinary powers, this month we’re asking you to don your capes and take to the skies with our selection of superhero stories. We’ve called into action superheroes of all shapes and sizes to come to the rescue and capture the imaginations of even the most reluctant readers.   

Hero Academy Non-Fiction The Sick Pet cover

A Sick Pet
Hero Academy Non-fiction
Oxford Level 1+ (Reception/P1)

Celebrate real-life heroes with a fully-decodable book from the new Hero Academy Non-fiction series. As well as putting key workers and their important role in society in the spotlight, this series is also designed to encourage discussions around wellbeing. The books are available to pre-order now, but you can sign up to receive a free sample eBook copy of A Sick Pet, as well as a fun activity pack to use alongside it, now!

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Hero Academy Zoom Food cover

Zoom Food
Hero Academy
Oxford Level 3 (Reception/P1)

Staying with our friends at the Hero Academy, this fun story sees some supersize superhero competition when Jin simply isn’t as fast as Ben. Can some zoom food give him the superhero skills he needs? Find out in this fully-decodable story, illustrated by former children’s laureate Chris Riddell.

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Kitty and the Moonlight Rescue cover

Kitty and the Moonlight Rescue
Written by Paula Harrison and illustrated by Jenny Løvlie
Age 5–7  

Kitty dreams of being a superhero just like her mum one day, but she’s still got a lot to learn. With help from her cat crew, she soon discovers that being a superhero is about more than just using her special abilities – she must learn to be courageous too. Full of lessons about friendship and bravery, this chapter book is purr-fect for newly confident readers.

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Super Happy Magic Forest and the Humungous Fungus cover

Super Happy Magic Forest and the Humungous Fungus 
By Matty Long
Age 6+

You might recognise the five unlikely heroes (a unicorn, a gnome, a fairy, a faun, and a mushroom) in this story from their earlier picture book adventures. Now they’re back in an adventure-packed, fully-illustrated reading book. Deep in the Super Happy Magic Forest an evil force has been secretly growing. What was once a minuscule mushroom is now a humongous fungus with an appetite for chaos! Can the super happy heroes stop the evil Fungellus before he and his toxic spores take over?

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Superhero Bunny League cover

Superhero Bunny League Saves the World
Oxford Reading Tree Story Sparks
Oxford Level 8 (Year 1–3/P2–4)

A laser, set off by the villainous Dr Fuzzleglove, gives all of the rabbits in the world superpowers. When Dr Fuzzleglove and his robots attack, the bunnies must work together to defeat him. With a lovable cast of crazy bunnies, this is a superhero comic like no other that’s guaranteed to fire imaginations.

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Harry the Hero cover

Harry the Hero
TreeTops Chucklers
Oxford Level 9 (Year 1–3/P2–4)

Harry wishes he was brave, brainy and powerful. When his house is struck by lightning, will he get his wish and transform into a hero? Another story that’s presented in an engaging comic book format, this laugh-out-loud tale tackles the trials of starting a new school – not to mention adapting to a new set of superpowers! 

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This book is also available as part of the Oxford Owl eBook Library subscription.

Kid Wonder and the Half-hearted Hero cover

Kid Wonder and the Half-Hearted Hero
TreeTops Fiction
Oxford Level 12 (Year 2–4/P3–5)

Doughnut Boy is a terrible superhero. The criminals are so cross at being ignored that they go on strike and the townspeople start to steal from themselves. Can Kid Wonder turn Doughnut Boy into a real superhero? And what makes a superhero anyway? Find out in this short novel that’s been carefully-levelled to build your readers’ fluency and stamina.

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The End of Time cover

The End of Time
Project X Origins
Oxford Level 17 (Year 5–7/P6–S1)

Discovering he has the ability to stop time, Marley wonders if his super power could be put to greater use. Should he steal a Porsche, get his own back on the class bully, or should he try to make amends with his best friend? An action-packed story raising dilemmas that will prompt some interesting classroom discussions.

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We hope our selection has inspired your class to be reading superheroes! 

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