Join the fun on National Numeracy Day!

National Numeracy Day - 19th May 2021

We are delighted to be a lead delivery partner for National Numeracy Day! This year it’s taking place on Wednesday 19th May. Is your school taking part?

What is National Numeracy Day?

National Numeracy Day is a celebration of everyday maths. It raises awareness of the importance of numeracy, and empowers people to build their confidence and competence with numbers to improve their life opportunities.

On 19th May there will be a host of free online events, videos and resources; including inspirational stories and practical advice from real-life learners and celebrities.

How can your school get involved?

Sign up to be a National Numeracy Day Champion! Simply fill in the online form to receive your free Champion’s Toolkit.

The Champion’s Toolkit contains:

  • National Numeracy Day Celebrity – Lesson Starter Video! Featuring, Rachel Riley, Bobby Seagull, Katya Jones, Peter Sawkins and Harry Baker.
  • Activities and resources for children aged 4-18.
  • Activities for adults, staff and parents.
  • School Number Hero Competition. This competition for primary pupils gives your school the chance to win a £1000 pack of games, books and resources to get everyone in your school community feeling like a number hero. And there are vouchers for the winning children too!

Sign up to be a champion >

Sign up to be a National Numeracy Day Champion!

How can adults join the fun?

The OUP team are looking forward to trying some of the celebrity ambassadors’ activities with our younger relatives. Bake Off winner Peter Sawkins’s cupcake recipe is already looking popular!

And we will also be taking part in the National Numeracy Challenge. This challenge focuses on everyday maths to improve your number confidence and skills. It aims to help you get on better at work, make your money go further, and support your children with learning maths.

Why not join us?

Sign up for the challenge >

How can we support your school?

Our team of Maths Specialist Consultants is here to support you for National Numeracy Day and beyond. We would like to offer you a free maths review, to advise on how to make the most of your school’s existing resources.

We look forward to helping you use the resources already in your store cupboard to encourage a love of numbers across your school!

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