August Reading List: Resilient Reads


Developing resilience is an important part of growing up, and we’ve certainly all had to demonstrate it in the uncertainty of the past few months. That’s why this month’s collection of books is all about bouncing back, to help children see setbacks as a chance to do things differently, to enjoy challenges, and to stick at things they find tricky. Read on to meet plenty of determined characters and real-life heroes who show that, with a little resilience and self-belief, no challenge is insurmountable. 

Mildred's New Job

Mildred’s New Job
Word Sparks
Oxford Level 6 (Year 1/P2)

Meet Mildred, a determined red tennis ball in search of a new job. She tries everything, from being a pincushion to a prop, and always bounces back! This story is from the new Word Sparks series featuring fully-decodable books that tackle the word gap too. What’s more, this is a partner text, which means that it’s designed for an adult and child to read together. There’s richer language for the adult to read, alongside phonically decodable text for the child. 

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The Radish Contest

The Radish Contest
Read Write Inc. Phonics Book Bag Books
Read Write Inc. Yellow Level (Year 1-2/P2-3)

Owen and Aled want to grow some radishes, and Owen is sure his will be the best. Find out what happens in this Read Write Inc. Phonics Book Bag Book and how the boys react to the setbacks they face. This book is designed to be used at home for reading practice outside the classroom, which means that it includes supportive notes for parents and carers, as well as pre-reading activities and a Vocabulary Check.

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Cosmo for Captain

Cosmo for Captain
Oxford Reading Tree All Stars
Oxford Level 9 (Year 1-2/P2-3)

All Stars is a series of chapter fiction books written specifically for able readers aged 5 to 7. In this story, Cosmo and Patty are often left out of games with the other dinosaurs because they are too small and too slow. But when the terrible Tyro arrives in the valley, it’s Cosmo and Patty who work together to make sure he leaves Volcano Valley for good, showing true dinosaur determination!  

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Oxford Reading Tree 
Oxford Level 8 (Year 1-3/P2-4)

It just won’t stop raining, and as the water level rises, Biff, Chip and Kipper prepare for the worst. The children are upset, but Mum and Dad reassure them that everything will be ok. This story is a great example of how working together helps us cope when bad things happen.

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Real Heroes

Real Heroes
Oxford Reading Tree inFact
Oxford Level 11 (Year 2-3/P3-4)

You don’t have to have super powers to be a real hero. In fact, many of the most heroic people in history had to overcome terrible difficulties in order to stand up for what they believed in. Discover their inspiring stories of determination and resilience in this fascinating non-fiction book.

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Here Comes Trouble

Here Comes Trouble
TreeTops Fiction
Oxford Level 12 (Year 2-4/P3-5)

Trudy is always bumping into things and knocking them over – can she ever learn to be less clumsy? When she meets Mrs Willow, she discovers that all it takes is simply believing that she can. This is a heartwarming tale of growing self-confidence, with important lessons about how the way other people treat us affects how we see ourselves.

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TreeTops Fiction
Oxford Level 14 (Year 3-5/P4-6)

Petey the robot wants to be human so much that he even begins to write poetry, which leads Mum to call the Corrections Squad to fix him. As Sophie and Sam try their best to help him escape, Petey saves the day, even though he knows it will mean getting caught. Join them in an exciting adventure that shows the power of simply not giving up.

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Everybody Worries

Everybody Worries
By Jon Burgerman
Suitable for sharing with all ages

Award-winning artist and author Jon Burgerman created this original e-picture book, which has drawn praise from child psychologists, to help support children feeling worried about Coronavirus. Through its colourful characters and fun rhyming couplets, it shows that it’s ok to worry about things, and includes lots of practical ways to reassure children, making it a great resource to share with parents.

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We hope that inspiring collection leaves you and your class feeling ready for anything! 

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