April Reading List: Protecting our planet

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Looking for ways to mark Earth Day in your classroom on Thursday 22ndApril? This year’s theme is ‘Restore our Earth’, so we’ve gathered together some reading recommendations to help you start conversations about conservation in your classroom and inspire your children to do their bit to protect our planet and combat climate change. 

Green Planet Kids

Green Planet Kids
Oxford Reading Tree: Floppy’s Phonics
Oxford Level 4 (Reception–Year 2/P1–3)

Wilf and Wilma work hard to clear up the junk in Toadstool Wood in this fully decodable story, which is a great starting point for a discussion about the environmental issues caused by litter. The green planet kids also make great role models to start your own class litter pick around school!

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In The Bin

In the Bin
Project X Origins
Oxford Level 6 (Reception–Year 2/P1–3)

Micro-friends Cat and Tiger share a large piece of apple pie, but they are too full to finish it. Tiger’s mum throws the leftover food in the bin, along with Cat and Tiger. Can they escape before the rubbish goes to the dump? Use this book to start a class discussion on recycling and food waste. You could even think about setting up a compost area in your school!

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Our Incredible Planet

Our Incredible Planet
Read Write Inc. Phonics Non-fiction Book Bag Books
Read Write Inc. Blue Level (Year 1–2/P2–3)

Encourage families to talk about how we can all do our bit to protect the planet from harmful greenhouse gases with this book that’s designed to be used for reading practice outside the classroom. It includes supportive notes for parents and carers, as well as pre-reading activities and a vocabulary check.

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Demolition Danger

Demolition Danger
Hero Academy
Oxford Level 10 (Year 2/P3)

The heroes discover that Ray Ranter has a plan to destroy Hero Academy by building a shopping centre over their secret entrance. When they find out that an endangered species of newt is living there too, they must use their powers to thwart his plans and protect it. The perfect book to inspire your class to be environmental super heroes!

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It's Your Call

It’s Your Call
Project X Origins
Oxford Level 12 (Year 3–5/P4–6)  

Help your class discover why it’s important to recycle, save water and to avoid using cars, as the problem of global warming looms large. They’ll have the chance to examine arguments for and against changing our habits and lifestyles, and be encouraged to think of small, practical things they can do to make a difference.

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Willow Wildthing and the Swamp Monster

Willow Wildthing and the Swamp Monster
Written by Gill Lewis and illustrated by Rebecca Bagley
Suitable for age 7+

When Willow Wildthing crosses the boundary to the patch of woodland behind her house, something amazing happens: she enters The Wilderness, where magic and nature collide, and your class can join her! At a time when children are questioning their impact on the natural world more and more, this series is a celebration of the power of nature and a rallying call to be curious, resilient and adventurous.

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Max Takes a Stand

Max Takes a Stand
Written by Tim Allman and illustrated by Nick Shepherd
Suitable for age 8+

Max is on a quest to make the world a better place. From hiding his parents’ car keys to preparing vegan dinners, he’s determined to help save the planet through positive direct action! But with hilarious and often disastrous results can Max’s enthusiasm pay off in the end? Max is a great environmental role model and the perfect inspiration for your class to start changing the world one placard at a time!

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Big Game Adventure

Big Game Adventure
Project X Origins
Oxford Level 15 (Year 4–6/P5–7)

Will your class accept this mission to save some endangered animals? They’ll need to make the right choices to help out Mark and Liam in this interactive adventure story that explores conservation and extinction.

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Feeling fired up to make a difference? We are! And we hope those books inspire your class to protect our planet on Earth Day and beyond. 

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