October Reading List: Superb Space

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Blast off on a reading adventure with our recommendations to help you and your class celebrate World Space Week from 4—10th October – it’s the largest space event on Earth! From hanging out with aliens and riding in spaceships, to a little bit of rocket science, there’s something for all reading ages and abilities. You might find these books particularly useful for motivating boys. 

In the Sky

In the Sky, by Tim Little
Project X Alien Adventures
Oxford Level 1 (Reception/P1)

Max and Ant are camping in Ant’s garden when they see a strange light in the sky. Is it a comet or is it a spaceship? This story marks the very beginning of the Project X Alien Adventures series that’s specially designed to ignite boys’ love of reading through exciting space adventures.

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Zoom Out!

Zoom Out! by Ben Hubbard
Oxford Reading Tree inFact
Oxford Level 6 (Reception-Year 2/P1-3)

Think big – and small! – in this book about our place in the Universe. From the eye of a fly, right up into outer space, this fascinating science book will open children’s eyes to the world around them and get them excited about reading non-fiction. 

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Alien Invasion!

Alien Invasion! by Mike Brownlow
Project X Origins
Oxford Level 6 (Reception-Year 2/P1-3)

Billy loves space and spends all day and night looking up at the sky wondering what might be up there. Little does he know that an alien spaceship is on its way to invade the Earth, but when the aliens finally land in Billy’s garden he doesn’t even notice them! Use this guided reading book as a starting point for asking your class to design their own planet.

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Red Planet

Red Planet, by Roderick Hunt & Alex Brychta
Oxford Reading Tree
Oxford Level 7 (Year 1-3/P2-4)

Join Biff, Chip and Kipper and their friends as they’re transported on a magic key adventure into space where they explore the Red Planet and come face to face with aliens. What would your class write on a postcard if they sent it from Mars? It’s a fun space-based activity to ignite their imaginations.

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Duperball, by Kes Gray
Oxford Reading Tree AllStars
Oxford Level 11 (Year 1-2/P2-4)

Charlie buys the only Duperball in the world, but it’s not just any old ball: it’s a magical ball that can bounce all the way into space. But Charlie’s not the only one who’s interested in it… AllStars is a series of chapter fiction books written specifically for able readers aged 5 to 7. It’s primarily for independent reading, but this story would also be great for able-reader guided reading sessions. 

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Captain Comet and the Purple Planet

Captain Comet and the Purple Planet, by Jonathan Emmett
TreeTops Fiction 
Oxford Level 9 (Year 2-4/P3-5)

When a mysterious planet is spotted moving through space, Captain Comet and Spanner the robot set off to investigate. But the purple planet is not what it appears to be… This book is a fun way to broaden your junior readers’ reading diet with some sci-fi and fantasy. 

Take a look at the whole Level 9 pack or buy Captain Comet & the Purple Planet on Amazon.

Space Vultures!

Space Vultures! by Karen Ball
Project X Alien Adventures
Oxford Level 10 (Year 2-4/P3-5)

The Alien Adventures micro-friends find themselves under attack from some scary giant space vultures. Find out what happens to them in this action-packed space adventure that’s perfect for independent reading. 

Take a look at the whole Levels 9-14 pack or buy Space Vultures on Amazon.

Bluff Your Way Into Space

How to Bluff Your Way into Space, by Paul Mason
Project X Origins
Oxford Level 16 (Year 4-6/P5-7)

The knowledge and training required to become an astronaut is immense. Give your aspiring space travellers a head start on their journey with heaps of helpful information about astronauts, space, historic facts and scientific discovery – there’s even a little bit of rocket science thrown in to really challenge their brains!

Take a look at the whole Level 16 Space pack or buy How to Bluff Your Way into Space on Amazon.

Ready for lift off? We’re sure these recommendations will show your class that reading really has the power to take them out of this world!

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