How Read Write Inc. can support you with remote learning

Read Write Inc. Phonics

Developed by Ruth Miskin, Read Write Inc. Phonics teaches children to read accurately and fluently, with good comprehension. They learn to form each letter, spell correctly, and compose their ideas step-by-step. Find out more about Read Write Inc. Phonics.

Here’s a round-up of what’s available to help with remote learning for Read Write Inc. Phonics. We have also increased the ways in which you can share resources, without infringing copyright, during the pandemic – view our permissions guidance.

Daily lesson videos from Ruth Miskin Training

Ruth Miskin Training are once again showing daily lesson videos from 5th January 2021, to support children learning at home. The videos will help children to practise Set 1, 2 and 3 sounds in Speed Sounds Lessons; learn to read Red Words and practise reading and writing using Hold a Sentence.

Lessons will be available from 9.30am (GMT) each day, for 24 hours. You can view the schedule on the Ruth Miskin Training website.

The videos can be accessed on the Ruth Miskin Training YouTube channel (tip: look for the video under the categories listed from the ‘Home’ tab, they were originally uploaded in Spring 2020 so the date can be misleading).

Schools with an Online Training subscription from Ruth Miskin Training can continue to send home specific links to the videos from the Virtual Classroom. This is the best way to ensure children practise sounds and words at their individual level.

New eBook Library Subscription for the core Storybooks

Publishing in February 2021, this brand-new eBook Library Subscription on Oxford Owl for School includes the Read Write Inc. Phonics core Storybooks, plus some additional non-fiction titles, available as eBooks for the first time.

Designed to support children learning at home – whether that’s for consolidation or in a remote learning capacity – the annual subscription provides access to 109 eBooks. In addition, from Summer 2021, we’ll be adding independent phonics practice quizzes and activities to provide extra practice and enable schools to track progress.

We’re offering schools free access to the new eBook Library until May 2021* – please contact your local Educational Consultant to find out more and set up your free trial.

An international edition is also available for schools based outside of the UK. The subscription offers additional content and resources to support Read Write Inc. teaching in an international school. If you’re based in a school outside the UK, please contact your local Educational Consultant to find out more and set up your free trial.

*At the end of the free access period, this will automatically convert to a paid-for subscription, unless cancelled by the school.

Free Read Write Inc. eBooks on Oxford Owl for School

Schools can access a selection of 70 free Read Write Inc. eBooks including ditties, non-fiction books, Set A titles, fiction and non-fiction Book Bag Books, and Fresh Start Anthologies.

The eBooks provide practice of all the main grapheme-phoneme correspondences in the Read Write Inc. Phonics programme. They are carefully levelled so that they are closely matched to your pupils’ increasing knowledge of phonics. This ensures that, early on, they experience plenty of reading success!

We recommend that children read each eBook three times, as they would in school. With at least one book for each grapheme focussed on in Read Write Inc. Phonics, there will always be a book to practise the sounds they have learnt. We also encourage children to re-read previously read books, e.g. ‘last and a past’, as recommended in the Read Write Inc. Phonics training.

We’ve added a parent guide, and a levels chart showing which sounds are focused on in each eBook. There are also instructions on how to set up a Class Login, so that children can access the eBooks from home.

To access the free Read Write Inc. eBooks, teachers can log in to Oxford Owl for School, or create a free account. You’ll find the free eBooks via the eBooks icon on the Owl home screen once you’ve logged in.

Free parent-friendly resources on Oxford Owl for Home

Oxford Owl for Home is written specially for parents and carers by leading experts in education. The Read Write Inc. pages contain free eBooks, practice sheets and parent films, to support children on their Read Write Inc. journey.

27 free eBooks from Sound Blending to Grey level, plus Fresh Start Anthologies, are currently available. Parents/carers will need to register for an account with Oxford Owl for Home to access the eBooks.

There are also parent tutorial videos from Ruth Miskin Training to help with pronouncing the sounds, blending and digraphs.

62 Speed Sound practice sheets for Sets 1, 2 and 3 can be downloaded to help children practise the sounds they are learning.

Visit the Oxford Owl for Home Read Write Inc. page.

Remote learning with Read Write Inc. Spelling

Read Write Inc. Spelling is a 15–20-minutes-a-day programme for Years 2 to 6 (P3–P7). It has an online subscription with engaging videos of aliens explaining spelling rules, a wealth of online resources to support or challenge pupils, and accompanying Activity Books and Log Books, plus a Teacher Handbook. Using an approach underpinned by phonics, it is a robust, systematic spelling programme.

For schools using Read Write Inc. Spelling, we’ve created a remote education expectations checklist and permission statement to show how you can use the programme to support remote learning.

In addition, we’ve temporarily made the Extra Practice Zone videos available on YouTube for subscribers to share direct links more easily with pupils learning at home. You’ll find more information on the homepage for your Read Write Inc. Spelling Online subscription on Oxford Owl.

Find out more about Read Write Inc. Spelling.