November Reading List: Anti-bullying books

Anti-Bullying Week 2020 takes place from Monday 16th – Friday 20th November. This year’s theme is United Against Bullying, and at a time when we’re particularly aware of just how important it is to be kind to one another, we’ve gathered together a collection of reading recommendations to encourage your class to work together to make a difference and help put a stop to bullying.

Everybody Has a Body

Everybody Has a Body
By Jon Burgerman
Age 2+

Celebrate positive body image and diversity with this eye-popping picture book that’s full of fun characters and shows that everyone’s body is different in some way – and that’s OK! Whether your body is big, small, short or tall – Jon Burgerman’s colourful illustrations show that it is something to be proud of.

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Big Words for Little People Kindness

Big Words for Little People: Kindness
By Helen Mortimer
Age 3+

This little book on kindness is part of an exciting new series created by Oxford language experts that uses carefully chosen words and phrases to focus on big topics with early years children. Little learners will discover and understand new words to help them talk about what it means to be kind in everyday life and build their language confidence with big and small words.

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I'm the Leader

I’m the Leader
Project X Origins
Oxford Level 9 (Year 1-3/P2-4)

Tiger challenges Max’s leadership, but soon realises that being a leader is not as easy as he thinks, especially when Cat needs rescuing and he needs to think fast! Join the micro-friends on an exciting adventure that shows just how important it is to work together as a team.

Take a look at the whole Project X Origins Level 9 pack or buy I’m the Leader on Amazon.

Harry the Hero

Harry the Hero
TreeTops Chucklers
Oxford Level 9 (Year 1-3/P2-4)

Harry is having a tough time at his new school and wishes that he was brave and powerful. One stormy night his house is struck by lightning and he suddenly has the chance to be a hero! Chucklers is a series of laugh-out-loud stories, designed to make reading a pleasure for your junior readers. This comic book adventure will help children explore issues around confidence and adapting to new situations with plenty of giggling along the way.

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Th Worst Kite

The Worst Kite
Word Sparks
Oxford Level 11 (Year 2/P3)

Savannah is having a kite-making party for her birthday. Hattie thinks her kite is the worst one, but when she has to use it to help Savannah, perhaps she’ll have a change of heart. This book is from the new Year 2 collection in our Word Sparks series, put together using the world’s largest known database of writing for and by children. Our experts have defined 300 ambitious words to help children succeed at school, tackling the word gap and helping you develop their comprehension and fluency. This is a partner text, which means that it’s designed for an adult and child to read together, with richer language for the adult to read, alongside phonically decodable text for the child. 

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The Witness

The Witness
Project X Origins
Oxford Level 12 (Years 3-5/P4-6)

When Eddie witnesses his classmate being bullied, he knows he should tell someone. But instead he finds himself being drawn into helping the bullies: can he find his way out of this tricky situation and do the right thing? This is a powerful story from a whole collection on dilemmas and decisions that will prompt interesting discussions in the classroom.

Take a look at the whole Level 12 Project X Origins pack or buy The Witness on Amazon.

The Anti-Bully Machine

The Anti-Bully Machine 
TreeTops Fiction
Oxford Level 13 (Years 3-5/P4-6)

A genius boy has invented a machine for shrinking bullies, but Steve thinks that having the right attitude and being confident is a much better way to deal with them. What do your class think? This TreeTops book will encourage them to think about how they treat others and to see things from another perspective.

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Adam's Diary

Adam’s Diary: A Refugee’s Story
TreeTops Reflect
Oxford Level 19 (Year 5-7/P6-S1)

A powerful, uplifting and moving story that puts the reader in the shoes of Adam, a refugee struggling to adapt to his new life in England. TreeTops Reflect is a thought-provoking and emotional series that uses the power of fiction to help children connect to diverse experiences. This story will help your class empathise with others in the context of adapting to a new culture and explore developing respectful relationships. 

Take a look at the whole Level 18-20 TreeTops Reflect pack or buy Adam’s Diary on Amazon.

We hope those stories help to start off some meaningful conversations in your classroom that will help your children unite together against bullying.

If you want to find out more about the ways that you can get involved with Anti-Bullying Week, including lots of free resources and activity ideas, visit the Anti-Bullying Alliance website

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