Supporting maths teaching at home and school

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MyMaths is an easy-to-use online subscription for teaching and learning primary maths. Accessible anywhere with an internet connection, it is an invaluable tool for working both remotely and in the classroom. A subscription gives your school access to hundreds of mathematically rich, engaging activities with automated marking and results tracking.

Here are five reasons to sign up for a free trial so you can see for yourself how MyMaths can support you during school closures and in transitioning back to the classroom.

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1. Self-marking homework

MyMaths contains hundreds of online homework activities, which are aligned to UK curriculum objectives. These are ideal for consolidating learning. All homework activities are self-marking and results are automatically recorded; saving you time as a teacher.

Once your pupils have been set up with their individual log ins, you can assign activities to them as a class, or you can assign different tasks to individuals. This is done in the Teacher Dashboard area of the platform. Pupils can attempt activities as many times as they like – questions are regenerated each time to avoid duplication.

2. Track pupil progress

Whether you’re in school or at home, you can track your pupils’ progress in real time using the Teacher Dashboard. The traffic light colour-coding of your class’s results table helps you see at a glance how each pupil is performing in individual tasks, so you can quickly identify areas for targeted intervention.

You can also use the Teacher Dashboard to download results as reports, leave feedback for your pupils, generate letters to parents and carers, and change pupils’ passwords.

MyMaths results

3. Ready-made lessons

Each homework activity has a matching interactive lesson. These are clearly arranged by curriculum area. You can use these rich resources as front-of-class tools on an interactive whiteboard. These ready-made lessons are also great for TAs to use with smaller groups of pupils at their own pace.

Your pupils (and caregivers) can also access lessons at home to refresh their knowledge or explore new topics, where appropriate. They use simple language and clear animations to explain mathematical concepts in an accessible way.

Your pupils will be offered the chance to go through the matching lesson before attempting any homework activity that you have assigned to them.

“Revisiting the MyMaths lessons is helping our pupils to improve their final scores, and they are enjoying the rapid feedback of the automatic marking.”

– Shelley Fisher, Headteacher at Arksey Primary School

4. Supportive ‘boosters’

MyMaths contains ‘Booster Packs’ to support targeted learning of key areas. These resources offer almost limitless practice to build pupils’ confidence and fluency. You may find the year group boosters particularly helpful for supporting your pupils when they return to school following the current closures. You can assign booster packs to individuals or groups to work through at their own pace.

“It’s almost like having another teacher in the classroom.”

– Sally Smith, Maths Lead at Old Town Primary School

5. The home-school link

Particularly relevant to current times, MyMaths strengthens the home-school link. Our dedicated support site includes pages aimed at caregivers, and the pupil view of the platform contains a video walkthrough of using MyMaths at home.

The Pupil Portal also links to Oxford OWL, where caregivers can access free printable MyMaths worksheets for the summer term, and additional help for supporting maths learning at home. Parents and carers can also refer to MyMaths lessons to bring them up-to-date with current maths teaching methods.

Sign up for a free trial

See the benefits for yourself – click here to sign up for a 30-day free trial*.

*After this, MyMaths will return to its usual fantastic value at just £339 +VAT per annum for a whole-school subscription.

Please note that MyMaths is only available as a school subscription, and not for individuals to sign up independently.