September Reading List: Side-splitting Stories

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This month we’ve gathered together a collection of humorous reading recommendations to tickle your funny bone. From funny fiction to riotous rhymes, they’re guaranteed to get your class giggling and will help everyone look on the bright side as we start the new school year.

Grabbing a funny book is also the perfect way to celebrate Roald Dahl Story Day, coming up later this month. Don’t miss the brand-new rib-tickling Roald Dahl language books featured in this month’s list, or this selection of free Roald Dahl activities to download and enjoy!

Lots of the books below are available to read for free in the Oxford Owl eBook library, making them perfect recommendations for reading at home. Take a look!

Red Noses

Red Noses
Oxford Reading Tree: Decode and Develop
Oxford Level 2 (Reception-Year 1/P1-2)

Mum is out, and Dad has lots of jobs to do, which means that the children are left alone to paint pictures at the kitchen table. When some red paint gets onto Floppy’s nose, it’s not long before everyone has a red nose – including mum! Share this fun, fully-decodable story with your early readers to get them giggling.

Take a look at the whole Level 2 Oxford Reading Tree: Decode and Develop pack, or buy Red Noses on Amazon.

Silly Games

Silly Games
Read Write Inc. Phonics Book Bag Books
Read Write Inc. Grey Level (Year 2/P3)

When Miss Fowler’s class challenge each other to participate in the Silly Games, who will win? Join them for a day packed full of silliness guaranteed to make you smile. This book is designed to be used at home for reading practice outside the classroom, which means that it includes supportive notes for parents and carers, as well as pre-reading activities and a Vocabulary Check.

Read the eBook or take a look at the whole Grey Set 7 Read Write Inc. Phonics Book Bag Books storybooks pack.

Roald Dahl Rotsome and Repulsant Words

Roald Dahl Rotsome and Repulsant Words
Edited by Susan Rennie 
Age 7+

Get ready to be goose-gruggled and fluckgungled with disgusterous, rotsome and repulsant words! Your class will have fun with Roald Dahl’s language and the brilliant Quentin Blake’s illustrations while discovering how language works in this little hardback book, full of the naughtiest words and phrases created by the world’s No. 1 Storyteller.

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If you’re a Roald Dahl fan, you won’t want to miss Roald Dahl Words of Magical Mischief either! Pre-order it here

Tidy Up, Winnie

Winnie’s Bubble Trouble
By Laura Owen and Korky Paul
Read with Oxford Stage 5 (Year 2-3/P3-4)

Head on a madcap adventure with the world’s wackiest witch, Winnie, and her trusty black cat, Wilbur. In this story, Winnie magics a bubble so that she can drift away from all the mess in her house, with hilarious consequences! This cheeky chapter book is a great way for children who are becoming independent readers to progress to the next step.

Read the eBook or buy Tidy Up, Winnie on Amazon.

Don't Eat Soup with your Fingers

Don’t Eat Soup with your Fingers
TreeTops Chucklers
Oxford Level 8 (Year 2-4/P3-5)

Find out what’s worse than being eaten alive by spiders and why a cat makes a better hat than a cow in this book that’s jam-packed with poems and jokes. It’s great for reading aloud and makes a handy starting point for studying structural features of poems, such as rhyme and verse patterns. Chucklers is a series of funny novels, short stories, anthologies and comics that will have your class laughing out loud and make reading a pleasure. 

Take a look at the whole Level 8-9 TreeTops Chucklers pack or buy Don’t Eat Soup with your Fingers on Amazon.

The Story of Sir Dave

The Story of Sir Dave
Project X Origins
Oxford Level 9 (Year 2-4/P3-5)

Children will love this amusing twist on the tales of the legends of King Arthur. After defeating several evil knights, Sir Alric has just one request – that his friend Dave is made a knight. The only trouble is that Dave is a chicken. This book contains inside cover notes that highlight challenge words, prompt questions and a range of follow-up activities to support children in their reading.

Take a look at the whole Level 9 Project X Origins pack or buy The Story of Sir Dave on Amazon.

Flans Across the River
TreeTops Fiction
Oxford Level 11 (Year 2-4/P3-5)

Rodney needs to take five sticky, syrupy flans across the river. Unfortunately, the bridge is broken, so he must come up with a plan to solve the problem. His hilarious ideas are more than a little unusual, resulting in a funny story about floating flans that’s full of imagination.

Take a look at the whole Level 11 TreeTops Fiction pack or buy Flans Across the River on Amazon.

Comic Capers

Comic Capers
TreeTops Chucklers
Oxford Level 15 (Year 3-5/P4-6)

The second offering in this month’s list from the TreeTops Chucklers series, this book includes two illustrated comedy comic capers about mystery and adventure for your junior readers. These rib-tickling tales of missing kittens, feisty foxes and travels in search of fabled creatures are great inspiration for your class to create their own comics to crack each other up.

Read the eBook or buy Comic Capers on Amazon.

We hope that laugh-out-loud collection has given you and your class the giggles, or at the very least prompted a tiny titter!

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