November Reading List Blog: Kind Companions

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Anti-Bullying Week takes place in schools across England every November to help schools and parents work together to challenge bullying. This year, Anti-Bullying Week runs from 11th – 15th November. Why not use it as an opportunity to encourage your class to think about the power of friendship? From pet companions to top teamwork, we’ve put together this list of thought-provoking book recommendations to show that a little kindness goes a long way.


Dogs, by Emma Lynch
Project X Phonics
Oxford Level 1+ (Reception/P1)

Packed full of facts about man’s best friend, including how dogs need to be looked after and what they need to be happy and healthy, this phonics book will help your early readers practise sounds g, o, c, k and the common word and, together with discussion topics and activities to get them talking about taking care of a canine companion.

Take a look at the whole Level 1+ pack or buy Dogs on Amazon.

What a Waste!

What a Waste!, by Jeanne Willis
Project X Origins
Oxford Level 6 (Reception-Year 2/P1-3)

Mr Big doesn’t like things when they get old or damaged, so he always replaces them with something new. He even gets rid of his old friends… Until one day he realises that he’s not happy and feels lonely. Will he be able to buy a new friend? This Project X Origins book is sure to spark some interesting discussions about what money can and can’t buy. 

Take a look at the whole Level 6 pack or buy What a Waste! on Amazon.

The Bully

The Bully, by Roderick Hunt & Alex Brychta
Oxford Reading Tree
Oxford Level 7 (Year 1-3/P2-4)

A new girl called Rosie has started at the children’s school. She isn’t very nice and she gets Chip into trouble. When the children go on a magic key adventure, Rosie learns a very valuable lesson about being a bully. This book is a great way to start talking about bullying and what children should do if they are being bullied or see someone else being bullied.

Buy The Bully on Amazon.

An Adventure for Robot-Dog

An Adventure for Robo-dog, by Pat Thomson
Oxford Reading Tree AllStars
Oxford Level 9 (Reception-Year 2/P1-3)

Ben is thrilled to receive a robot dog for his birthday, but little does he know that while he sleeps Robo-dog is feeling bored! His new toy is set on adventure and persuades his companions from the toy box to join him. But what will happen when he and his new friends encounter a danger they never expected? AllStars is a series of chapter fiction books written specifically for able readers aged 5 to 7. It’s primarily for independent reading, but this story would also be great for able-reader guided reading sessions. 

Take a look at the whole Level 9 pack or buy An Adventure for Robo-Dog on Amazon.


Round-Up, by Gary Wilson
Project X Origins
Oxford Level 11 (Year 1-3/P2-4)

Some bullies are threatening the wildlife in the micro-friends’ local park, so they work together to take them on – and save some wildlife at the same time! This book is from a pack focusing on various kinds of conflict and makes another great starting point for conversations about what children should do if they see someone being bullied.

Take a look at the whole Level 11: Conflict pack or buy Round-Up on Amazon.

The Anti-Bully Machine

The Anti-Bully Machine, by Paul Shipton
TreeTops Fiction
Oxford Level 13 (Years 2-4/P3-5)

A genius boy has invented a machine for shrinking bullies, but Steve thinks that having the right attitude and being confident is a much better way to deal with them. What do your class think? This TreeTops book will encourage them to think about how they treat others and to see things from another perspective.

Take a look at the whole Level 13 pack or buy The Anti–Bully Machine on Amazon.

Geeks Can't Dance

Geeks Can’t Dance, by Jo Cotterill
TreeTops Reflect
Oxford Level 16 (Years 4-6/P5-7)

There are two things in life that Keisha gets completely head-over-heels-excited about: science facts, and her favourite band. Incredibly, there’s a chance the band might visit her school, if she and her friends can raise the money. But there’s also a science competition that has just been announced, in which the winner gets to visit NASA – and there’s not enough time to do both! Faced with choosing between her friends and her passion, what is Keisha going to do? 

Take a look at the whole Level 16-17 pack or buy Geeks Can’t Dance on Amazon.  

Stage Fright

Stage Fright, by Jane Lawes
TreeTops Reflect
Oxford Level 18 (Years 5-7/P6-S1)

Parnita couldn’t be more excited about the end-of-term play. She loves acting, and it’s the last play she’ll be in with her best friend before they go to different secondary schools. But when she’s cast as the narrator, Parnita feels like she’s losing her chance to shine – and then finds she might be losing her best friend too… Can they find a way of moving forward together? This is a lively, comforting friendship story, with plenty of girl-appeal. 

Take a look at the whole Level 18-20 pack or buy Stage Fright on Amazon.

We hope those recommendations will start some powerful discussions in your classroom about looking out for one another. Be sure to share them with a friend! 

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