Essential Tips: Getting ready for September!

It’s that time of year where summer events take hold and everyone is looking forward to a restful holiday, but to ease the September busyness now is the time to get prepared and ready for the new academic year.

Do you have all the required resources to teach ELS?

Take stock of what you have and what you need to get. For ease, you can order a class set of the four ELS Apply Activity Books or order them in handy sets of ten.

These activity books cover Phases 2-5 and are used by children during each lesson to support reading, writing and spelling.

Check that each pack of flashcards still have the correct number of cards and that there are no duplicates in the set. Look around your classrooms – do you need more sound mats? Are your wall friezes visible? Do you have spelling posters displayed?

Are your decodable reading books organised?

Books somehow like to go for a walk or like to end up in the wrong box! Take the time now to check that your decodable books are sorted and organised into the correct box. Rally your team and the job will be done in no time! This year, we have published even more fully aligned ELS Essential Blending Books and Essential Phonics books – perfect for review weeks and any other gaps you may have in your collection.

Brand new Essential Blending Books: Super Easy Buy Pack

With a great selection of fiction and non-fiction books to choose from, every child will be inspired to read more and more.

Has allocated time been given for training?

To teach ELS with confidence, it is vital that regular training is provided for all staff. The best way to do this is to schedule time during any September INSET days or in other CPD slots. It is imperative that all new staff, particularly those in EYFS and KS1, have adequate time to watch the ELS Embed, Enact and Enable training videos before teaching ELS.

Schedule adequate time for training videos

Some final tips to ensure you have a successful start to the upcoming year:

  • Make sure resources are displayed where children can see them.
  • Ensure there is dedicated Phonics time scheduled on EYFS and Year 1 timetables.
  • Think about seating arrangements – can every child see the teacher and the whiteboard?
  • Are your grapheme tiles or magnetic letters sorted and stored effectively?

To order ELS resources, online subscription, or ELS eBook library, contact your local OUP consultant.

If you have a change of Reading Lead or Phonics Lead, ensure [email protected] has the right person assigned as the lead on your account!

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