MyiMaths Case Study

Crenstant Williams, Maths Consultant at the Ministry of Education in Bermuda, shares with us his recent experience of MyiMaths during summer school in Bermuda.

The summer school program

This was initially supposed to be in person but due to Covid it was decided to utilize an online platform. Bermuda’s public schools have adopted the Math Mastery approach in recent years as Math was identified as an area of weakness for our students. The summer program utilized online lessons with UK tutors for students from year 1 to year 9. Students were tasked with completing assignments from MyiMaths to complement their online lessons.

What were your expectations of MyiMaths before the summer school?

I came across MyiMaths while looking for online programs to assist my students who needed extra support. As we have adopted the Math Mastery approach and bar modelling is a major learning tool, the MyiMaths platform utilized those concepts which was a major reason for piloting the program over the summer. MyiMaths ensured that students mastered a concept before they could move on to a different topic. The program was used as a teaching tool and as a homework resource for students. The feedback from parents and students has been extremely favourable.

Did MyiMaths live up to your expectations?

The program was extremely easy to implement. The program utilizes the curriculum that we currently use here in Bermuda so that was an added bonus. Students found it easy to navigate and complete assigned tasks. Teachers and parents commented that they appreciated having access to the site and how easy it is to navigate.

Will you be recommending MyiMaths to all schools in Bermuda?

I was informed that both of the public senior schools here on the island already use as a teaching resource. The plan moving forward is to recommend that all public schools here on the island endorse and utilize the
program. This will allow a consistent approach to teaching across all levels and hopefully continue our ascendancy in mathematics.

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If you currently use MyiMaths and would like to share your experiences with us then please do let us know.