Josh’s blog – May 2014

Josh Smith blog entry

MVT PencilWelcome to my May 2014 blog.

It’s nearly the end of the academic year and most of you will be revising for exams shortly and completing practice/sample papers.

The final part of the year is always the most stressful for students, particularly those in the final year with projects and dissertations to complete. Time management is essential to make sure you make the most of your final few weeks of the year. You may also be now in full swing with work placements and race teams.

Revision methods can vary per module and per student, but common methods include practise and sample papers, revision cards, exercise/text books and working back through your notes.

Your priorities should be that of exams and submitting your final assessments. The Independent have a great guide for revision tips here.

Some tips for successful exams include the following:

• Ensure that you leave plenty of time for revision.
• Thoroughly read the exam front sheet before you begin and then make sure you have read and fully understood the question before attempting to answer it.
• Find a revision technique that suits you.
• Don’t do it alone….you can use friends and family to help test you, or work through test papers.
• If you struggle with a module in particular, you can hire personal tutors for home tuition which some of our learners successfully do so that they are more comfortable when it comes to exam time.

After your exams the papers will be marked, verified and then confirmed at an exam board.

Making the most of your first attempt at your exams is vital, each university or college will have their own set of regulations, but more often than not, a failed or referred exam can lead to restrictions on overall module grades, resit charges and more stress for you as the learner in having to go through the revision and test sequence again.

Make the most of it and you’ll be sure to do well! Next month we will get talking about motorsport again and I will be giving an update of our college race team which can be found here on Facebook. By the time the June blog is written, we shall be half way through our race season with the BRSCC OSS.