Josh’s blog – July 2014

Josh Smith blog entry

MVT wheelWe are now in July and into the summer break for most education providers and so as a student, what do you do now??!!

Well you probably have about 6 weeks to make the most of the potentially nice weather but also to get yourself prepared for the next year of your course or starting a new one.

Of course, you may go on holiday, have a bit of a break and a rest which is good. But what you don’t want to do is waste the time you have.

During the summer it is easy to switch off and let things pass you by, but the summer is the peak of the racing season across the country and is a great time to get involved if you have been unable to during term time. Most teams will have a settled workforce by now but will still happily accept volunteers who will work hard, listen and are willing to learn.

What you can also do is consolidate your notes from last year (Microsoft OneNote is excellent for note taking) and plan for modules coming up next year, in particular, anything that carries heavy weighting such as projects, work placements and dissertations.

You may want to look at the reading list (found in the module or course handbook) for specific modules and plan ahead, cover old ground you were unsure off that is linked to next years work, in particular maths and science elements which are easy to get unsettled with when you come back after a long break.

Be aware of any significant changes to the course as well, are you progressing from Level 4 to Level 5 – what impact will that have on you, what assessment feedback was commonly cropping up in your assessments and how can you work towards eradicating any areas of weakness in your work for next year…..

Lots to think about…..but plenty of time to do it, speak to you again in August!