Finishing off your project

Josh Smith blog entry

Welcome back, February is here and we are nearing half term.
This month I will be covering the final part of the project, report writing. We will be covering the Analysis, Evaluation and Conclusion elements of the report which is often where the main source of marks come from.
Analysis and Evaluation (Results/Discussion) – This section should include a detailed analysis of your results in which you will need to present them in a standardised and coherent format. Graphs, charts and tables will need to have a main title and for the axes themselves, the correct units and an appropriate scale for the X and Y axis.
Once you have presented your data, you will need to make sure you link these results etc to your initial aims and objectives, research and theory. During the analysis of what can be seen from these results, ensure you are referring to them in the written text, you may also want to use specific parts of the date and it would be a good idea to highlight these areas on your data.
Some of the questions you may want to cover………
What happened? During the testing, what happened, how and why do the results look they do, are they correct?
What was found? From the results you have created, what do they show, what do they prove, are they what you expected, if not, why not?
The discussion/evaluation interprets the results of what you have found, major themes, patterns and issues can be found and evaluated.

In your conclusions, you will need to summarise the main points of your project, evaluating them against your aims and objectives. The conclusion should be linked to your introduction in order to show what you have learnt and found, and how this may help you in future for your education and in industry.
You will also need to comment on the testing methods and whether they were accurate and reliable.
If you were to carry the project on, what you add to it, and what changes would you make in the future if you were to redo the project.
After this you can discuss and evaluate the time planning and progress you made during the project and its relevance to industry.

Next month we will finish our project discussions by covering the final presentation or viva assessment.